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Local Authorities

Local Authorities

Cybersecurity is an essential issue for a community. They process a lot of data. This personal information must be controlled by knowing exactly the processing chain thereof. Technical audit proves IT’s reliability for a local authority.

Aiming to make data companies more accountable, they must adopt technical and organizational measures to guarantee this protection by demonstrating, at any time, that they offer the maximum level of security.

Take control of your data

Corrium provides you with equipment inventory and host classifications on the IT infrastructure so you can control what’s on your IT. In addition, Corrium lists all the data and identifies their accessibility. In this way, network shares, cloud drives and databases are generated with the users on each machine.

You know where your data is and who has access to it. Corrium’s automated technical audit is the foundation for a local authority to be on accord with GDPR

Check the reliability of your IT infrastructure by enhancing security

Thanks to Corrium’s audit, you have a list of all the equipment on the network. It also analyzes your infrastructure to inventory open ports, check the antivirus on your machines and other security tools present.

Thanks to this highlighting, Corrium makes it easier for IT to work because they know where to focus their efforts. You also ensure the security of your infrastructure through an identification of security vulnerabilities.

Technical audit, a guarantee of reliability for a local authority:

  • Reduce security risks by 95%
  • Communities save an average of 3,000 euros per year thanks to budget optimization
  • Get your GDPR compliance by applying the recommendations