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The updated knowledge base of Corrium to analyze
your data and map your IS

Stratopédia is the up-to-date knowledge base of Corrium. Following the collect of technical configurations, Corrium crosses with it to analyze the data collected and map your SI.

This database is updated by IT experts to enrich client configuration data.

  1. Thanks to Stratopédia, all information relating to each application, hardware or operating system via enrichment tables is identified.
  2. Then, from the rules of these experts, Stratopédia deduces nonconformities on the IT asset management.
  3. Finally, through its knowledge, Stratopédia can prescibe improvements to be in line with the best IT practices.

Diferents enrichments of Stratopédia

Enrichment tables

  • the application type 
  • the version
  • the editor
  • the release date
  • the end date of support


  • to calculate the KPI’s : obsolescence rate, homogenization rate, number of PCs, number of servers, …
  • to validate or not the control points


The knowledge of different IT experts has been integrated into Stratopedia. So, Corrium can make prescriptions based on the results.

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