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IT infrastructure audit

Audit of IT Infrastructure

Conduct an IT audit to know, control and improve your infrastructure

DécouverteIT infrastructure audit performed by collecting data without agent

AnalyseOverall and detailed vision of your site in less than
Three weeks

PowerBiGraphical rendition interface
Excel reports

Suitable for sites from
of 10 posts and
of 10 servers

Get a return of computer expertise to know
the state of your site

  • State of health of your computer park
  • Inventory of equipment present
  • Diagnosing system and hardware obsolescence of your infrastructure
  • Inventory and classification of your applications
  • List of the different locations where your data are stored
  • Analyze your capacity management
  • Diagnosis of the security of your site

Deliverables of the technical audit

Check-list de conformitéCheck-list
of conformity

Conformity check of the park configuration thanks to good IT practices

Synthèse météoWeather synthesis

Summary and quantified report for decision-makers

Indicateurs et scoringKPI
& scoring

Reports with Excel Report

Network, servers and PC, applications, data
graphical interface and spreadsheets

Presentation of results audit

Two-hour session to present reports

Process of the IT audit

Collect of configurations

After being connected to the network, the box Corrium collects all the data necessary for the audit to which it is authorized for one to two weeks


All data collected is enriched by the Stratopedia knowledge base and analyzed by our experts

Remise et présentation des rapports

3 semaines après le début de la collecte, les rapports vous seront remis et une séance de 2h de présentation de ces résultats sera organisée

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