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Every company must ensure the security of its IT infrastructure. In terms of security: security vulnerabilities must be anticipated. Do you know all the equipment and hosts on your network? Are security products really active? Do you know where your data is located? They must be imperatively controlled; whether in terms of use or location. The automated IT audit of Corrium makes it possible for SMB, thanks to its artificial intelligence engine and its Stratopedia knowledge base, to answer these problems that the SMBs encounter. So optimize your IT infrastructure with IT best practices.

audit it pour PME

Strengthen the security of your IT infrastructure through auditing

To avoid bad IT practices and exposure to threats, it is important to check your computer network. Corrium lists all the equipment on the infrastructure. It scans open ports, checks if Windows updates are made or if security products are present on each machine and controls protection against Wannacry.

With these different analyzes, you control your infrastructure and correct the security flaws.

Improve your performance by analyzing your infrastructure

Corrium measures the rate of obsolescence of your park. So you can replace your obsolete equipment with newer ones and improve your performance. The homogenization rate of your fleet makes it possible to know if your park is standardized and if your collaborators use the same applications. Startup programs may tend to decrease performance. The inventory of these programs allows you to correct these performance failures.

Take control of your data

Corrium lists all of your data on the network and their accessibility. So you will be able to know the location of your data with the inventory of network shares, cloud drives and databases. You also check the accesses thanks to the lists of the users already connected on a machine.

Analyzing your data is the basic foundation for GDPR analysis.

devenez proactifIf you are a SME and would like more information on the IT Corrium audit solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We can organize a presentation. 

Optimizing the IT infrastructure
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