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Health sector

Health sector

Are you able to host health data? A computer audit allows HDH (Healthcare Data Hosts) to prove the reliability of their IT. Thanks to the IT audit, health sector companies have the foundation to master their data.

As it say ASIP, there are 6 areas in which the hosts can be certified: the provision and maintenance in operational condition of the physical sites, the hardware and virtual infrastructure of the IS, the application hosting platform, the administration and operating the IS, backing up health data.

Improve accountability for your data thanks to the IT audit for health sector

Corrium collects all the data on your infrastructure. So you know exactly where they are. In addition, thanks to the inventory of users already present on the machines, you can ensure their safety. Corrium also lists the different network shares, cloud drives and databases you have. After that, you will be able to assure the safety of your data.

Corrium is the basic foundation for GDPR analysis.

Harden your IT infrastructure by strengthening security

  • During its scan, Corrium collects all the present equipments . So, check if access to your infrastructure is well managed.
  • With the inventory of security tools and updates, weak security signals are identified. You fix security vulnerabilities

Keep your machines running smoothly by applying IT best practices

Thanks to Corrium’s analysis, concentrate your efforts by highlighting the points of vigilance of your infrastructure. The homogenization rate and the rate of obsolescence demonstrate failures of your IT. Thus, you will correct its flaws to become more efficient and proactive.

IT audit for health sector – Prove the reliability of your Health hebergment thanks to the IT audit:

  • Reduce 95% of the security risks on your IT
  • Corrium is the entry point to GDPR compliance
  • Increase your performances and the reliability of your infrastructure thanks to recommendations based on good IT practices