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Continuous IT audit

Your site technical inspection tool

A global vision to prevent, control and improve your fleet
with the computer control of Corrium

Global vision
Park weather
Performance indicators

Data Collect without agent on PCs and Servers

Prévention des incidents
Niveau de sécurité

Adapté aux sites distants sans compétences techniques sur place

Corrium, the continus audit of your IT

Corrium performs a continuous computer scan to provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date diagnosis of your IT infrastructure. So :

  • Diagnose your infrastructure et prevent incidents
  • Identifysecurity vulnerabilities
  • Master your data
  • Mesure the obsolescence of your park

Corrium is an analysis and prescription robot based on an artificial intelligence engine. The knowledge of 8 experts has been automated through this robot to improve IT infrastructure.

Get a global vision to make decisions,
focus and evaluate the infrastructure over time

Collect of configurations

Once connected to the network, the box Corrium collects all the technical data to which it is authorized.


All data is collected and enriched through the updated Stratopedia knowledge base.

Report results

Check-list of conformity, benchmarking, KPI, evaluation of the infrastructure

Deliverables of Corrium lets to make decisions and continually improve your fleet

Check-list de conformitéCheck-list of conformity

Conformity check of the park configuration against the best IT practices 

Weather synthesis 

A summary and quantified report for decision-makers

Indicateurs et scoringKPI

Monitoring of KPI and socring

Rapport et exportReports and Excel export

Network reports, servers and PCs, applications, data

Benchmark de comparaisonBenchmarking

Comparison of scores with other companies of the same size and same sector

Analyse technique

Technical Analysis

1 hour of analysis per quarter

Interface de pilotage des auditsPiloting interface

Interface de restitution techniqueTechnical rendition interface

Interface de restitution décideursDecision maker rendition interface

Examples of Deliverables Corrium

Site compliance check

Detect any anomaly or failure of your computer park to use it in the best conditions. The compliance checklist contains the essential points of good management and allows you to analyze the degree of optimization of your site.

Checklist de conformité

Audit checklist pour maitriser it

Synthèse météo

Weather synthesis pour maitriser it

State of health of your infrastructure

Get a weather summary of your park to know the status of your park. It summarizes the diagnosis of your infrastructure with the level of obsolescence, security, homogenization of the park. Then a general summary informs you of the state of the park and its number of corrections to bring to develop its performance.

Obsolescence of your park

Facilitate the constitution of your budget and reduce obsolescence by priority. Corrium scans all your PCs to analyze their available space, installed OS, BIOS and RAM obsolescence and other parameters to generate the distribution of your PCs and identify the obsolescence of your infrastructure .

Répartition des PCs obsolètes

Etat du parc

Prevention of incidents

Corrium performs a pre-diagnosis of all your machines and gives you a global vision of your park. So you get an accurate knowledge and can identify potential risks through total control of your infrastructure. You become proactive in anticipating incidents in your park.

Identification of security breaches

Corrium scans your site and lists all of your equipment present on it. These machines are analyzed. This allows to have a complete vision of its infrastructure and to control all of its equipment. So you can become proactive and optimize the security of your computer.

Schéma du réseau

Inventaire des drives

Mastery of your data

When it is collected, Corrium lists all of your technical data that you have access to beforehand. Thus all data on the network is detected and a list of cloud drives, network shares and databases are made. Users who are already logged in to a machine are also listed to keep you in control of your data.

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