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Our commitment


Our vision

Build a network where all companies can perform a technical audit of their computer sites at affordable prices. IT is no longer an option but a need to master and optimize. 

Our mission

Meeting the needs of small and large businesses that do not have the necessary visibility, do not have the wrong skills, have too much workload, offering them the keys to make decisions and improve their infrastructure.

Nos valeurs


Mise à disposition notre savoir IT pour les entreprises

Engagés et disponibles pour nos clients

Experts dans nos 8 domaines

Etat du réseau, Etat du parc PC et infrastructure Serveur, Cartographie Applicative, Données, Authentification et Annuaire, Sécurité, Gestion de capacité, Licences

Innovants dans notre approche

Our commitments

In a constantly changing IT environment, controlling your infrastructure, complying with regulations and optimizing your fleet are key issues for companies. We strive to offer you a technical site control that: 

  • is suitable for your remote sites
  • does not require technical skills
  • gives you a global view of your infrastructure, better incident prevention and increased security
  • collects agentless data on desktops and servers
  • allows you to locate yourself in relation to equivalent organizations
  • helps to build the DSI budget on the infrastructure, applications and data security axis
  • is a support for the communication of the SI towards the direction
  • anticipates and reduces the time needed to solve technical problems