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Maîtrise risques It et budget


Control of risks and its budget are essential for the manager and the DAF:

Know the IT risks involved – The GDPR is one of the 2019 priorities. The lack of control over the personal data used by a company can go until 2% annual sales.
Improve operational and financial performance – thanks to the optimization of your budget.
Make the right decisions based on reliable data- les préconisations de Corrium – allow you to optimize your infrastructure according to IT best practices.


Get the visibility needed to master the challenges of your IT

Corrium scans all of your networks and equipment for analysis.
The compliance checklist checks fleet configurations against IT best practices.

Evaluate the risks of the IT park thanks to the pre-diagnosis of Corrium

  • State of the synthesized park
  • Comprehensive and comprehensive analysis
  • Equipment Analysis

This summary and encrypted report provides all the important information of your IT infrastructure. It is intended for decision makers.

Study your indicators to improve your performance and your budget

  • Improve the work of your employees thanks to their standardized equipment and applications
  • Improve performance by reducing obsolescence and thus reducing the risk of failure

Ones of Corrium reports

Checklist of conformity

Audit checklist pour maitriser it

Weather synthesis

Weather synthesis pour maitriser it

Obsolescence analysis

Hardware obsolescence pour maitrise budget