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Your diagnostic tool for your IT infrastructure

Identify, prevent, master and optimize your IT infrastructure thanks to the Corrium audit

State of the network

Know all your hosts
Identify Open Ports and IPs for IT Asset Management


Identify machine safety products
Check their updates


Inventory all of your databases and shares
List users

State of the IT Asset

Identify all of your equipment
Measure the system and material obsolescence of your fleet

Corrium, the technical audit to master and optimize your IT

Whether you have sites with a large number of servers and PCs or not, enjoy the same support services at  affordable prices. 

Indeed, Corrium carries out a technical analysis of your sites in order to improve your coherence and the reliability of your park.

  • Diagnose your infrastructure to prevent incidents and security breaches
  • Master your data
  • Measure the obsolescence of your park
Collecte de l'audit informatique
Rapports de l'audit informatique

Your complete solution for managing your IT infrastructure everyday

1. Collect


2. Analysis


3. Results


Concerning data, they are collected and enriched thanks to the updated Stratopedia knowledge base.

Use cases

How the Corrium audit has improved the management of the IT infrastructure of companies

Obtenez une vision globale pour prendre les décisions, concentrer les efforts, évaluer vos sites

Collecte de l'audit informatique

Collect of the technical data necessary for the audit

Enrichment of data thanks to Stratopedia and the analysis of our experts

Delivery of reports with presentation of the results

Logo Straton IT

Corrium, the analysis and prescription robot developed by Straton IT :

Straton IT has developed Corrium, this robot based on an engine of artificial intelligence, to solve the problems of companies:

  • first, know their information system
  • then secure it
  • and finally, master it totally and thus optimize it
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